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    Glass in architecture


    VI Russian Competition

    with international participation


    April  2018


    Union of Architects of Russia,
    Union of Moscow Architects.



    Competition official support:

    Complex of urban policy and city building of Moscow,

    Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development,
    JSC Research Center of Construction,
    Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences,
    the Union of Glass Enterprises.


    Goals of the Competition:

    -  Identify the best projects with the use of glass and to promote the expansion of the use of glass as one of the most advanced materials for the shaping of an attractive appearance of modern cities

    - Development of constructive interaction between architects, designers and manufacturers of glass and glass products.


    We invite to participate all who are able to contribute to the development of the architectural environment with the use of translucent structures, namely Russian and International author’s collectives and studios, architects and designers, building experts,  interior designers, students of profiled universities.




    which carried out with use of glass and translucent structures for the last 5 years.

    Nominations in each section:

    1. Objects of new construction.

    2. Objects of historical development.

    3. Reconstruction and restoration.

    4. Innovative and energy efficient solutions.

    5. Printing on glass, on facades and in interiors.

    6. Interiors and building elements.

    7. The original combination of glass with other building materials.


    Participants of the previous competitions can re-submit their works in the "Projects" section, providing that they have been completed for the past time.

    Projects could be supplied by authors, departments of the Union of architects of Russia, construction and development companies, glass producers, manufactures of finishing glass materials, investors, and developers and etc.

    The competition is held within the Forum of

    architectural glass industry «ArchGlass 2018»


    Moscow, Central House of the Architect


    Grand Prix

    The national Award
    is Grand Prix for the best
    realized projects with glass application and money reward
    in the amount of 100 000 rubles.

    In section
    Realized Projects

    1 Gold Diploma
    (70000 rubles)

    1 Silver Diploma
    (50000 rubles)

    1 Bronze Diploma
    (30000 rubles)

    Special diplomas of the Union of Architects of Russia.

    In section
    Unrealized Projects


    1 Gold Diploma

    1 Silver Diploma

    1 Bronze Diploma

    Special diplomas
    of the Union of Architects
    of Russia.

    The partners of the competition have the right to award additional prizes.
    Deadline for submission of application


    March 2018

    Deadline for
    submission of works


    March 2018

    For participation in competition please send the required information on the mail info@archglass.ru:

     - application for participation and Annex for application.

     - exposition materials;

     - short annotation to the object with work description 1 page A4 in Microsoft Word format (doc, docx).

    Exposition materials should include:

    - Information field; 

    - General view of the object (real life photo or three-dimensional image);

    - Graphical projections (situational plan, floor plans, facades, sections etc.), the most fully revealing the main idea (at the discretion of the author). 


    Requirements for the submitted materials:

    - Exposition materials are presented in electronic form – graphic file

    in TIF, size of 0.95 x 1.4 (h) cm with resolution 150 dpi;

    - Exposition for one work is at least 2 tablets sized 0.95 х 1.40 (h) м vertical disposition.

    On the top of each tablet leave “blank” band of 15 cm high in Information field, it will be filled out by the organizer of competition based on the application of the participant.

    For “Information field” (it is filled by the Organizer) should be sent in Word format:

    - Section of the competition, nomination;

    - Name and location of the object;

    - Group of authors (in accordance with the Application);

    - Name of the project and construction organizations;

    - Manufacturers of glass and glass products;

    - Investors, customers (optionally).


    Registration fee:               


    Registration fee for 1 work :  

    2 tablets – 450.00 Euro, 

    4 tablets -700.00 Euro


    - Printing of competitive works on tablets;

    - Organization of the exposition on the Forum “ArchGlass 2018”;

    - Presentation of participants’ works within the business program                                      of the Forum «ArchGlass 2018» (10 minutes);

    - publication in the Catalog (1 page A4) (for 2 tablets), 2 pages (for 4 tablets).


    Publication of advertising in the Catalog

    (optionally): 1 page – 600 Euro.

    VAT (18%) is included.


    Payment is due before March 17, 2018 based on the invoice of the Union of architects. After receiving the payment notification work is included in the list of participants.


    Printed competition works are property of the organizers and could be used at their discretion, including for travelling exhibitions in the regions of Russia and abroad, the publication in mass media etc.

    The competition results will be placed on the websites Forum "ArchGlass 2018", the Union of architects of Russia, Union of Moscow architects, the specialized media.






    Please contact:

    Valeria Iluikhina

    +7 495 691 86 60

    +7 495 697 89 11